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The Benefits of Using CPVC in Tight Spaces

By: Jonathan Simon on October 7th, 2021

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The Benefits of Using CPVC in Tight Spaces

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As a service or re-pipe plumber, you know full well how tough it is to work in crawl spaces, around tight corners, or in other confined areas where it’s difficult to move. What you might not know is that that the type of pipe you choose for these jobs can have a tremendous impact on your efficiency, job quality, safety, and profits.

For tight spaces, CPVC offers many benefits over both copper and PEX. Let’s take a look.

CPVC Lets You Work Faster

On the job, every second counts. After all, the quicker you get to work, the quicker you can complete the job, and the quicker you can move on to the next one.

But if you’re working with copper pipe or PEX – and you’ve got to deal with tight spaces – your job could take considerably longer.

Consider these facts. With copper and PEX, the joining process requires bulky equipment, like crimpers, expansion devices or soldering guns – tools that could be challenging to use when your space is limited. With CPVC, on the other hand, you need only a dauber and a can of solvent cement, which are so much easier to use in spaces such as this.

CPVC pipe can improve your efficiency in other ways, as well. Because you have fewer tools to carry with you, you can get to the actual install quicker. You also don’t have to deal with the complications associated with electricity, like dead batteries and locating available outlets.

CPVC Lets You Work Better

The quality of your work matters to your customers. And of course, it matters to you. This is where CPVC gives you the advantage. Big tools aren’t designed for small areas, and the limited space could compromise your ability to use them properly. Which in the end, could impact the quality of the install.

CPVC’s unique balance of flexibility and rigidity can also enhance the quality of your work. Because copper is inflexible, you must install it using smaller lengths and more joints – that can affect quality and even cost. It can also lead to making more wall openings when doing a replacement.

PEX, on the other hand, tends to flop around in a wall cavity, making it difficult and time consuming to run pipe through existing holes and notches.

CPVC gives you the best of both worlds – it’s flexible enough to be installed though small openings, yet rigid enough to return to its original straight length.

CPVC Lets You Work More Safely

Soldering tools and PEX crimpers/expansion tools have inherent risks – especially when the workspace is not ideal. As careful as you may be, the chance of getting burned or pinched escalates in tight, confined spaces.

With CPVC, you’re only working with a can solvent cement. It is important to maintain adequate ventilation when using cements, if you are going to be working in an area where the ventilation is questionable, respiratory protection can ensure safe work without complicating the installation.

CPVC Lets You Work More Profitably

Working faster means you can get more projects done. And that’s good for your bottom line.

But the financial benefits don’t stop there. With CPVC, you don’t have to purchase expensive tools or the costly attachments you’ll need to work in confined areas. And because you can be sure you’re doing a quality job every time, you can count on those referrals to keep flowing in.

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