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Delivering Reliability

FlowGuard Gold® pipes and fittings have proven their reliability for hot and cold water systems in residential buildings for more than 60 years. Learn more about why and how to Make the Switch to FlowGuard Gold CPVC.

Learn the Benefits of Switching to FlowGuard Gold CPVC

Piping with Better Performance, Lower Costs

The more you know about plumbing materials, the more likely you are to choose FlowGuard Gold CPVC. In critical areas such as cost, chlorine-resistance, water pressure and flow rates, FlowGuard Gold pipes and fittings offer benefits other plumbing materials can’t match. Discover why FlowGuard Gold pipes and fittings are the most well-established non-metallic piping products in the market.

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The value of FlowGuard Gold pipes and fittings isn’t limited to high-performance, cost-effective plumbing materials. Our FlowGuard Gold CPVC team is committed to working as a partner with builders, plumbers and engineers to ensure their success through the highest quality manufacturing and unrivalled training and support.

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