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Turning Fittings from a Weakness to a Strength

By: Jonathan Simon on September 26th, 2023

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Turning Fittings from a Weakness to a Strength

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With some plumbing systems, fittings represent the weakest link in the system. PEX joints, for example, contain at least 3 separate parts joined together mechanically, including the pipe, fitting and an external crimp or expansion ring that joins the fitting to the pipe.

FlowGuard Gold CPVC is different. Our solvent weld process chemically fuses the fitting and pipe into a single piece of CPVC that is 225% thicker than the pipe itself. The pipe, fitting and solvent cement all contain FlowGuard Gold CPVC and, when solvent welded per manufacturer installation instructions, create a single-piece joint that is the strongest in the industry. In fact, with CPVC the system is stronger at the fitting than the pipe alone.

If you’ve ever wondered why many areas allow FlowGuard Gold CPVC fittings to be installed under slab, this is the reason. Those areas recognize that with FlowGuard Gold CPVC there is no increased risk of failure created by joints under the slab. Even when you are connecting to other materials using specialized accessories like stub-outs, water heater connections and ball valves from our partners, the solvent welded side(s) of the connection will be one continuous piece of CPVC.

The common belief is that the more fittings you have in a system, the higher the likelihood of failure. However, not all fittings are created equal.  With PEX each fitting will always contain multiple components, each of which can be vulnerable to component failure. When you solvent weld FlowGuard Gold CPVC pipe and fittings, you’re creating a single continuous piece of CPVC polymer to complete the system from the supply through to every fixture.

Fittings play an essential role in a well-designed plumbing system. With a solvent welded FlowGuard Gold CPVC system the risk of failure is not directly correlated to the number of fittings you use. Our one-piece system design is just one of the ways we have earned the trust of plumbers focused on reliability and quality. To learn more, download our brochure.


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