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Top 100 Home Builder Knows FlowGuard Gold® CPVC Ensures Consistent Performance

By: Jonathan Simon on July 24th, 2018

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Top 100 Home Builder Knows FlowGuard Gold® CPVC Ensures Consistent Performance

Case Studies

With success as a semi-custom home builder, Homes by WestBay expanded into the luxury home business with rapid growth. The Tampa Bay area builder has grown so much since its start in 2009 that they now rank as 2018's 100th largest homebuilder in the U.S. When starting out, the company built only nine homes – in 2018, they expect to build more than 540 homes.

Homes by WestBay has earned this success through their commitment to providing high-quality homes to buyers – and avoiding common mistakes that have left other builders vulnerable to warranty and water quality issues. Throughout their growth, Homes by WestBay has trusted FlowGuard Gold® CPVC exclusively in all their homes.

FlowGuard Gold case study featuring Top 100 homebuilder Homes by Westbay


FlowGuard Gold CPVC’s Proven Reliability

When comparing FlowGuard Gold CPVC to other plumbing systems like PEX or copper, Director of Purchasing Brent Dunham explained that FlowGuard Gold Plumbing Systems was the clear choice because of its proven track record.

“We’ve seen extensive issues not only in our market, but through direct experience. Pin-hole leaks in copper led us to evaluate our options,” Dunham shared. “And with PEX, there isn’t enough historical data and usage to point to long-term durability.”

FlowGuard Gold CPVC, on the other hand, has proven its reputation and reliability to Homes by WestBay through its performance in their houses since 2009. “Our experience – and the experience of other builders in the market – is that there have been no warranty issues with correctly installed systems,” Dunham said.

Although Homes by WestBay has never had any warranty issues, having a manufacturer warranty is important to ensure stability and peace of mind when using a plumbing system. Dunham cautions that some builders may be making themselves susceptible if they leave their plumbing decisions solely in the hands of their subcontractors. Specifying materials such as FlowGuard Gold CPVC for use in their homes is the most significant method Homes by WestBay employs to reduce risk.

“If you let your contractors determine what plumbing to use, you likely won’t know what kind of warranty you are getting,” Dunham explained. “This creates a high level of uncertainty, as you can only hope there is a manufacturer warranty.”


Consistent Performance in Changing Water Conditions

With frequent changes in U.S. water systems and chemical treatment over the past several decades, Homes by WestBay knew they needed a plumbing system that could withstand Florida’s unpredictable water conditions. Dunham explained that even though PEX systems are popular in European countries, the water treatment in the U.S. affects plumbing systems differently.

Homes by WestBay trusts FlowGuard Gold CPVC because it is the only plumbing system that has performed consistently against high amounts of chlorine in water.

“We don’t have control over our water system, but we know that the way water is treated is frequently changing. CPVC is the only plumbing system that has been able to handle these changes,” Dunham explained.

In fact, PEX plumbing systems have faced multiple class-action lawsuits in the U.S. because of failures caused by local water conditions. Homes by WestBay’s experienced professionals know that CPVC is the most reliable piping option to withstand changes in water conditions and reduce their risk.


Providing Education for Complex Decisions

Despite CPVC’s proven reliability against changing water conditions, Dunham noted that the entrance of PEX and other systems to the marketplace is causing confusion for builders and contractors.

“Many builders don’t realize they are not getting the safety they expect for their homes because they don’t fully understand the product that is being installed,” Dunham warned.  

For Homes by WestBay, the FlowGuard Gold team’s commitment to educating industry professionals about the performance of different piping systems provides clarity. Their FlowGuard Gold CPVC piping consultant keeps them up-to-date on industry information and performance data.   

“As people become more educated on the warranty issues and lawsuits surrounding other plumbing systems, it will become apparent that FlowGuard Gold CPVC is the best choice,” Dunham said.

Download the full case study below.


flowguard gold case study