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Lubrizol CPVC Wins ASPE Industry Award

By: Jonathan Simon on September 15th, 2014

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Lubrizol CPVC Wins ASPE Industry Award

FlowGuard Gold® CPVC

The American Society of Plumbing Engineers recently recognized The Lubrizol Corporation for Outstanding Service to the Advancement of Plumbing Engineering Technology.

Bringing unique benefits to the plumbing industry is a major part of what Lubrizol CPVC strives to do with FlowGuard Gold® Pipe & Fittings—and recently, The Lubrizol Corporation was honored for doing just that.

The prestigious American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) Industry Award is presented biennially to a company for Outstanding Service to the Advancement of Plumbing Engineering Technology, when the organization feels such an award is merited. This year, the award was presented to The Lubrizol Corporation for the impactful contributions its FlowGuard® brand of pipes & fittings has had on a global scale, as well as Lubrizol CPVC’s continued support and educational efforts offered to plumbing engineers everywhere.

“It is truly an honor to be recognized by ASPE,” said John Nunnari, general manager, Lubrizol CPVC. “It’s a reflection of everything we try to do and a testament to the hard work and dedication the FlowGuard team brings to the table each and every day.”

Part of that commitment is demonstrated as Lubrizol CPVC continues to bring its expertise all across the country. Getting in front of key decision-makers and educating on the benefits of FlowGuard piping systems is a primary way Lubrizol CPVC helps its partners achieve success, and Lubrizol CPVC’s attendance at key industry events has been a big part of this over the past few months.

As ASPE celebrated its 50th anniversary at its 2014 Convention and Expo in September, Lubrizol CPVC seized the opportunity to offer education on trends in the building and construction industry and the benefits of its portfolio of product brands. Through its educational efforts, Lubrizol CPVC is a proud affiliate partner of ASPE. “Teaming up with ASPE helps us leverage a greater network of building professionals and achieve our goals of furthering industry education,” Nunnari noted.

For its efforts at the 2014 conference, which included numerous educational sessions and learning opportunities, Lubrizol CPVC was further recognized with ASPE’s Exhibitor Excellence Award. Given to exhibitors that truly make an impact on each year’s conference, the recognition comes as a result of Lubrizol CPVC going above and beyond the expectations of ASPE exhibitors.

Lubrizol CPVC’s efforts through ASPE further the company’s push to provide robust industry education and support. This sort of exposure to key industry influencers allows Lubrizol CPVC to be a part of driving the industry forward—it’s part of its commitment to bringing MORE INSIDE™ to every part of the plumbing industry.

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