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FlowGuard Gold & Corzan CPVC Now Approved by City of Chicago

By: Jonathan Simon on November 8th, 2017

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FlowGuard Gold & Corzan CPVC Now Approved by City of Chicago

FlowGuard Gold® CPVC

On October 11, 2017, the City of Chicago announced a breakthrough 6-month pilot program to allow for the first time the use of FlowGuard Gold and Corzan CPVC plumbing systems within the city.

In the city’s code memorandum and a subsequent email to their industry partners, the office of the Chicago Building Commissioner noted that this pilot program will enable the city to evaluate the cost and performance of CPVC over the metal plumbing systems which had previously been the exclusive option for Chicago contractors.

The pilot program is open for two specific types of projects in the City of Chicago:

  1. New construction of buildings which are:
    1. Exclusively residential occupancy and
    2. Not more than 4 stories in height
  1. Work in existing buildings of any occupancy (including additions/expansions) which are:
    1. Constructed prior to 2010
    2. Not more than 4 stories in height OR
    3. Especially designated Chicago Landmarks, up to 80 feet in height, with special approval from the Building Commissioner

To participate in the pilot program, the applying developer or contractor must complete an Alternative Code Approval Request Form which includes a price comparison between CPVC and a Chicago-approved metal pipe along with a description of the benefits gained by using FlowGuard Gold and Corzan CPVC plumbing systems. These benefits may include faster installation, lower project costs and a system which is immune to corrosion, pitting and scaling.

“This is a huge opportunity for builders and contractors throughout the City of Chicago to enjoy the cost and performance benefits that FlowGuard Gold and Corzan Plumbing Systems have reliably delivered to the rest of Illinois and the country for many years” said John Pritchard, Midwest Regional Manager for FlowGuard Gold and Corzan plumbing systems.

Developers and contractors hoping to take advantage of this new approval can learn more by downloading the documents from the City of Chicago here:

For those with questions or concerns about using FlowGuard Gold and Corzan plumbing systems for the first time, you can contact Mr. Pritchard directly at


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