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CPVC Contributes to a True “Quiet House" in the Boston Area

By: Jonathan Simon on March 4th, 2016

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CPVC Contributes to a True “Quiet House" in the Boston Area

Case Studies

Mark O’Connor of Wellesley, Massachusetts was determined to differentiate himself in the market with new construction and remodeling work that met only the highest quality standards. That meant his homes had to be quiet.

Starting with flooring, barrier insulation, doors, ventilation system and other standard tactics, O’Connor differentiated himself by developing quality quiet houses.

In Dover Delaware, he set out to raise the bar with a $1.7 million project. That meant a hunt to reduce noise in less common areas of the home, including the plumbing system.


O’Connor discovered that he could significantly reduce water flow noise throughout the entire home by installing a combination of cast iron pipe for the wastewater lines and FlowGuard Gold® CPVC pipe and fittings for the hot and cold water lines. FlowGuard Gold reduced the level of noise directly associated with copper plumbing systems by 35 percent.

"I think most people have heard water rushing through their pipes or that banging sound we call water hammer," said O’Connor. "But most people probably don’t know that there’s a way to eliminate that noise. When I heard that the FlowGuard Gold CPVC system significantly reduced both water flow noise and water hammer, I knew I had to have it for this home in Dover."

Long-term Success

O’Connor has since learned about the many other advantages of a CPVC system, such as its faster, easier installation as a result of a one-step solvent cement bonding system that eliminates the need for soldering. He also discovered that it results in less condensation and better energy efficiency than copper. But his initial attraction to the product was its claim to a quieter operation.