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Plumbing systems are one of the most critical components of a home; they are responsible for delivering clean, safe water to families and a plumbing mishap can have devastating impacts. That’s why as homeowners and construction professionals you should be sure that you are making informed decisions about your plumbing products and selecting the materials that meet your needs.

FlowGuard Gold pipes and fittings are the most installed brand of hot and cold water piping in the United States since the turn of the 21st century. For homeowners and construction professionals who need a reliable, cost-effective plumbing system they can trust to provide clean, safe drinking water, FlowGuard Gold CPVC is the best choice on the market. Don’t take our word for it, take a look at the alternatives and decide for yourself:


When you compare their records, FlowGuard Gold® pipes and fittings stand up as a more durable and reliable piping system. While many builders and contractors have tried PEX recently, the industry remains largely uninformed about the limitations and risks associated with crosslinked polyethylene.

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Vs. Other CPVC

With over 1 billion feet of CPVC installed in plumbing systems globally last year, CPVC is clearly the material of choice for hot and cold water plumbing systems. However, not all CPVC is the same – learn why FlowGuard Gold is your best choice for plumbing systems.

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Vs. Copper

FlowGuard Gold pipes and fittings install for less than half the cost of a copper system, and will never corrode, pit or scale, preventing big problems for homeowners.

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Plumbing systems can not only impact the environment during the manufacturing process, they can also make an impact once in a home. Different plumbing system materials can fail for various reasons including chlorine degradation, installation errors, aggressive water.

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