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Get the facts about FlowGuard Gold vs. PEX

Get the Facts

FlowGuard Gold piping systems are backed by a nearly 60-year track record and provide long-term reliability and performance. The systems are durable and will not degrade, pit or scale, even when in contact with high chlorine levels.feature-flowguard-gold-vs-pex-fact-sheet

PEX has an unproven track record, with several major PEX manufacturers having changed the materials and design of their systems multiple times after several high-profile fitting failures. PEX is part of the same polymer family as Polybutylene, and their track records are shockingly similar. Set the record straight today.

This fact sheet includes:

  • Historical comparison of FlowGuard Gold CPVC vs. PEX 
  • Risks associated with using PEX piping

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