Other Plastics vs. CPVC

“Plastics” are lumped into a single category when it comes to plumbing intake systems. The truth is years of research, testing and real world application show clear differences in these products.

FlowGuard Gold® pipes and fittings have been in use for nearly 60 years. The material has proven itself as a reliable plumbing product for American households. FlowGuard Gold pipe and fittings meet all relevant ASTM, NSF and state requirements for plumbing systems and regularly pass independent inspections by third-party testing organizations.

Other plastics simply cannot compare to the reliable track-record of FlowGuard Gold pipe and fittings.


FlowGuard Gold pipes and fittings have several benefits over polypropylene including superior resistance to chlorine and an easier installation method.

When it comes to hot water, polypropylene is rated to handle water at a lower PSI than other CPVC or FlowGuard Gold piping. When using the product for hot water applications, installers are required to use fiberglass reinforcement and a thicker pipe wall, reducing the flow and available fixture units.

Polypropylene can also be difficult to install. The heat fusion technique is especially difficult in tight spaces. The welding tool heats up to 500°F, which creates a burn hazard and adds time to the installation process.

Polypropylene can also erode in hot chlorinated water systems causing pieces of material to flake off, clogging fixtures and appliances. In fact, many water heaters had to be repaired in the late 1990’s due to polypropylene dip tube failures.


Polybutylene is no longer permitted in new construction in North America. The product was found to react with low levels of chlorine in drinking water, leading to reduced tensile strength and pre-mature failure. For countless homes around the country, FlowGuard Gold pipe and fittings have served as a replacement for polybutylene. If you still have polybutylene piping, avoid the risk of damaged caused a chlorine failure, contact a re-pipe specialist today and ask for FlowGuard Gold pipes and fittings.


Recently a modified polyethylene plastic called PE-RT (Polyethylene of Raised Temperature resistance) has entered distribution in the United States. Much like polybutylene and PEX, PE-RT piping manufacturers point to its 20+ year history of use in European plumbing systems, without regard for the unique disinfection procedures and water chemistries found in the United States which have caused damage to European polyolefin products in the past. Because PE-RT is still a new product in the U.S., information is not available about the long-term performance of PE-RT plumbing systems in American water conditions; however the chemistry of PE-RT suggests that it would be subject to the same limitations as PEX with regard to chlorine induced failures, biofilm formation potential, permeation and UV resistance. Many plumbers using PE-RT today may be unaware that the material is different from PEX, further adding to potential confusion and complexity with the joining methods and installation requirements of the various flexible, polyolefin piping systems.


FlowGuard Gold CPVCPolybutylenePolypropylenePE-RT
Used in North America Yes No Yes Yes
Resistance to chemical erosion Yes No No No
Reliable solvent weld joining system Yes No No No
Proven through 50 years of installation Yes No No No

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