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Built to Last: FlowGuard Gold CPVC Resists Chlorine Degradation

December 19, 2017
All plumbing system materials are required to meet certain performance criteria to ensure that the materials are suitable for use in a potable water supply. These requirements include performance such as temperature and pressure bearing capability and, for some materials, a time to failure measurement when exposed to chlorine. This chlorine resistance standard, ASTM F2023, is required for polyolefin plastics such as PEX, PERT and Polypropylene. For CPVC materials, such as those used in FlowGuard Keep Reading »

Breaking News: FlowGuard Gold and Corzan CPVC Now Approved by City of Chicago

November 8, 2017
On October 11, 2017, the City of Chicago announced a breakthrough 6-month pilot program to allow for the first time the use of FlowGuard Gold and Corzan CPVC plumbing systems within the city. In the city’s code memorandum and a subsequent email to their industry partners, the office of the Chicago Building Commissioner noted that this pilot program will enable the city to evaluate the cost and performance of CPVC over the metal plumbing systems Keep Reading »

Tech Talk: Effects of Heat and Humidity on Solvent Cement

October 3, 2017
Lubrizol CPVC met with Amrit Parhar, Principal Chemist at Oatey® to understand climate conditions and how it affects the use of solvent cement. Heat and humidity are two conditions that plumbers and contractors must be mindful of while working with solvent cement. Consider the Conditions Extreme heat conditions (above 90°F in direct sunlight), will begin to affect solvent cements and make them less viscous. When this happens, the solvent cements start to drip. Not only Keep Reading »
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