Understanding Expansion & Contraction in FlowGuard Gold CPVC

March 20, 2018
When installing a new piping system, it’s important to remember that changes in temperature will cause any material to expand or contract. This means at warmer temperatures, the pipe will increase in length, while at relatively cooler temperatures, the pipe will get shorter. It’s important to consider expansion and contraction when installing FlowGuard Gold CPVC piping systems. If the system doesn’t allow for thermal expansion, these changes in length can put stress on the pipes Keep Reading »

FlowGuard Gold® Pipe & Fittings Are Acceptable for Use in Plenums

March 8, 2018
  FlowGuard Gold Pipe & Fittings are Listed and Labeled for Use in Plenums The following manufacturers of FlowGuard Gold CPVC pipe and fittings are listed and labeled per ICC Evaluation Service Report PMG-1264 and as required by the International Mechanical Code and Uniform Mechanical Code: Bow Industrial Corporation (Pipe & Fittings) Charlotte Pipe & Foundry (Pipe & Fittings) Cresline Plastic Pipe Co., Inc. (Pipe) Genova Products, Inc. (Pipe and Fittings) NIBCO Inc. (Fittings) Therefore, all Keep Reading »

It’s Time to Make the Switch: Speed and Cost Benefits of Switching from PEX to FlowGuard Gold CPVC

March 1, 2018
Time is money and as the construction industry continues to get busier around the country, plumbers need to find ways to save both. Unfortunately, in recent years many contractors have been duped by deceptive advertising claims stating that PEX is faster and cheaper than CPVC. While the PEX manufacturers have benefitted from this false perception, plumbers across the country have left thousands of dollars on the table. These might sound like bold statements coming from Keep Reading »

Guest Post From Weld-On/IPS: Best Practices for Cold-Weather Pipe Installation

February 15, 2018
Freezing temperatures are rarely easy on any construction project, but sometimes the job must be done, regardless of the cold weather. If you’re installing a FlowGuard Gold plumbing system in freezing conditions, it’s important to use the right products and follow additional recommendations to ensure they perform as expected and stand the test of time. Selecting Cement Weld-On solvent cements have excellent cold weather stability and are formulated to have well-balanced drying characteristics in sub-freezing Keep Reading »

Built to Last: FlowGuard Gold CPVC Resists Chlorine Degradation

December 19, 2017
All plumbing system materials are required to meet certain performance criteria to ensure that the materials are suitable for use in a potable water supply. These requirements include performance such as temperature and pressure bearing capability and, for some materials, a time to failure measurement when exposed to chlorine. This chlorine resistance standard, ASTM F2023, is required for polyolefin plastics such as PEX, PERT and Polypropylene. For CPVC materials, such as those used in FlowGuard Keep Reading »

Breaking News: FlowGuard Gold and Corzan CPVC Now Approved by City of Chicago

November 8, 2017
On October 11, 2017, the City of Chicago announced a breakthrough 6-month pilot program to allow for the first time the use of FlowGuard Gold and Corzan CPVC plumbing systems within the city. In the city’s code memorandum and a subsequent email to their industry partners, the office of the Chicago Building Commissioner noted that this pilot program will enable the city to evaluate the cost and performance of CPVC over the metal plumbing systems Keep Reading »

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