FlowGuard Gold CPVC

Earliest FlowGuard Gold® CPVC Installations Withstand The Test of Time

February 13, 2019
Beginning in 1957, the NAHB Reseach Institute launched its Research House program to develop new ideas, and performance specifications for new materials and equipment to improve the quality and/or reduce the cost of American home construction. In 1959, the NAHB Research House in Lansing, Michigan became the first home in the world to be built using a CPVC plumbing system. Using materials that would eventually develop into today’s FlowGuard Gold® CPVC plumbing system, the home Keep Reading »
Toilet Flapper

How Chlorine Degradation Impacts New Home Performance

January 30, 2019
Plumbing system failures can be problematic and costly for a homeowner, builder or plumber. Unfortunately, many plumbing systems use components made from polyolefin materials which are known to degrade and fail when exposed to the chlorine-based disinfectants commonly found in municipal drinking water, especially at elevated temperatures and pressures. Polyolefin materials include polypropylene, polyethylene, EPDM rubber, polybutylene and PEX, which can be found in pipes, gaskets and o-rings, and toilet flappers in domestic plumbing systems. Keep Reading »
Single Family Installation

Lubrizol CPVC Pipe Withstands the Harshest Conditions

January 17, 2019
Homebuilders and plumbers alike need to have confidence in the plumbing systems they specify and install in new homes. Where that confidence comes from, though, is critically important. With Lubrizol CPVC, that confidence is possible based on a 60-year proven track record – not only in hot and cold water distribution, but also in some of the harshest operating conditions possible. Industrial Chemicals CPVC pipe, while commonly used in homes, is also used in many Keep Reading »

The Role of Piping Systems in Fire Risk

January 9, 2019
Fire risk is an important factor when designing piping systems for homes. That’s why piping systems should always be part of the discussion when considering combustion safety, as different types of pipes respond to fire in different ways. Fire, Science and CPVC Oxygen, heat and fuel must always be present for a fire to occur. Combustion just isn’t possible without sufficient oxygen. So how do you know if a material will sustain combustion? A material’s Keep Reading »

Employee MVP: Aaron Caldwell

November 29, 2018
Although Aaron Caldwell’s tenure as a market manager at Lubrizol only started in July 2018, he has years of practice in the Texas builder market he serves. With nearly a decade of experience working for Kohler, Caldwell has created trusted partnerships with single and multi-family builders across the state through years of collaboration in plumbing fixture selection. As a self-proclaimed “nerd” in land development and real estate, Caldwell’s passion for understanding market trends and scoping Keep Reading »
Water Pipe Plumbing Warranty

The Fine Print: How Water Voids Many Plumbing Warranties

November 9, 2018
When a plumbing system fails, homeowners – and often builders and contractors – are left seeing dollar signs and wondering who is responsible for repair costs. This is where a plumbing system manufacturer’s warranty often comes into play, and where the fine print can leave you vulnerable to footing the bill. The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety reports that 65% of all plumbing system failure insurance claims are due to material failure, not Keep Reading »
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