Stop by to learn more about FlowGuard Gold plumbing systems, enter to win prizes and have a drink on us!

Learn how plumbing systems impact your bottom line and why FlowGuard Gold Pipe & Fittings have been trusted to deliver clean, safe drinking water for American families since 1959. FlowGuard Gold’s booth, #S2420, is located in the south hall of the Orange County Convention Center and will feature daily presentations on subjects like lowering your liability, water quality, environmental impact and more.  Coffee, water, snacks and beer will be available throughout the day.

Attend any of our presentations and provide feedback for a chance to win a YETI cooler or tumbler!

Schedule of Booth Presentations

Learn about several important issues surrounding piping systems and meet with our FlowGuard Gold representatives. Presentation topics, times and descriptions are below:

TimeTuesday, January 10thWednesday, January 11thThursday, January 12th
10:30 a.m.Environmental PerformanceFlowGuard Gold HistoryPlumbing Liability
11:30 a.m.Plumbing LiabilityEnvironmental PerformanceWater Quality
2:00 p.m.FlowGuard Gold HistoryWater QualityEnvironmental Performance
4:00 p.m. (Happy Hour)Water QualityPlumbing LiabilityFlowGuard Gold History

FlowGuard Gold History

With billions of feet of pipe installed over nearly 60 years, FlowGuard Gold is the trusted plumbing system for builders and plumbers to deliver safe, clean drinking water. Stop by to hear about our history, as well as commonly asked questions about FlowGuard Gold.

Water Quality

Americans are more concerned than ever about water quality, and recent issues have taught us that we cannot afford to take our plumbing for granted. Learn about how picking the right piping system can reduce liability for builders and contractors by keeping drinking water clean.

Plumbing Liability

Some plumbing materials can fail due to a variety of issues like chlorine degradation, pitting, aggressive water and more. Learn the facts about how picking the right piping system can reduce liability for builders and contractors, and don’t get caught with a big issue on your hands!

Environmental Performance

Did you know the plumbing systems you choose for a home can impact the environment? See how FlowGuard Gold stands up to other piping materials like PEX and copper.

Contact FlowGuard Gold

FlowGuard Gold is sold at distributors throughout the U.S. Field sales reps are stationed regionally throughout the country and are available to help you find products and resources in your area. Questions? Pros can connect with a sales rep to get in touch below.