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Specify CPVC Pipe For Hydronic Boiler Systems in the Northeast

By: Jonathan Simon on January 4th, 2016

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Specify CPVC Pipe For Hydronic Boiler Systems in the Northeast


Ted Carey, president and co-founder of C&C Service in Hillsdale, New Jersey had been installing copper systems in the New Jersey area for 27 years. Copper had long been the standard in New Jersey and the rest of the Northeast because the region’s heavy use of boiler systems. It was often thought only metal piping systems could handle the higher water temperature associated with boilers.

But CPVC’s ease of installation caught Carey’s eye when he began evaluating alternatives.

"The one-step solvent cement joining system was fast and easy to use, which made it much more practical than copper,” said Carey. “I confirmed its temperature tolerance of 180 degrees and found that it was also rated for the right psi (100 psi) to make it a safe, reliable alternative. I was also given the go-ahead by the two boiler manufacturers I represent, their concern being the oxygen barrier required of plastic piping systems but not needed with the FlowGuard Gold® pipe.”


What Carey soon learned was that a FlowGuard Gold® CPVC piping system offered many other benefits that he felt would be attractive to his high-end customers, such as noise reduction and, more importantly, energy efficiency.

"When you pay millions of dollars for a home, you don’t want to put up with banging metal pipes," Carey explained. "FlowGuard Gold® pipes are significantly quieter."

An NSF International test confirms that FlowGuard®
CPVC pipe is, in fact, four times quieter than copper with regard to water flow noise, and it has been proven to virtually eliminate water hammer.

 Long-term Success

Carey’s high-end design and installation skills were recently put to an unprecedented test when he was asked to create a superior heating and cooling system for a home in Alpine, New Jersey. The 17,000-square-foot, ten-bathroom “smart home” included an advanced heating and AC system.

C&C custom-developed a combination hot water/chilled water system utilizing FlowGuard Gold® CPVC pipe. As part of the cooling system, chilled water runs through a coil in ductwork. A blower then blows air past the coil during the hotter months, as needed.

"I could have made this system work by using any number of pipe materials," said Carey. "But the FlowGuard Gold® CPVC system was, overall, the best solution with regard to concerns of corrosion, noise and heat loss. And, condensation, which is more of an issue with the chilled water system, is virtually eliminated thanks to the superior thermoplastic abilities of CPVC."