FlowGuard Gold is designed for a cost-effective, efficient installation. CPVC doesn’t require any special tools or elaborate prep work, and our solvent-weld system overcomes joint challenges for long-term performance. It physically bonds piping to fittings effectively turning the distribution system onto one continuous pipe with no weak points.

More importantly, FlowGuard Gold has more than 50 years of success it. It’s the only plastic piping material that has stood the test of time.

Increase Margins

The full cost of plumbing is more than just the materials. Some products require expensive tools and ongoing tool maintenance; others require an elaborate installation process. From beginning to end, FlowGuard Gold is one of the most competitively priced options on the market.

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Worry-Free Installation

FlowGuard Gold’s unique solvent-weld connection method makes your job easier. Joints are typically the weakest part of a plumbing system, but solvent-weld physically bonds piping to fittings, effectively turning the distribution system into one continuous pipe with no weak points. There’s no need to worry about crimping, threading or welding.

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Install Anywhere

Plumbing materials usage varies throughout the country, but FlowGuard Gold is suitable for all markets and in many different home types. We’ve designed tools to help you navigate installation for several applications and common layouts.

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Fewer Callbacks

FlowGuard Gold is proven to provide superior water quality, optimal corrosion resistance and optimal biofilm resistance. And that means happier homeowners for the long-term. Not only have we invested in a quality material to meet these claims, but we have the testing to back it up.

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FlowGuard Gold is sold at distributors throughout the U.S.  Field sales reps are stationed regionally throughout the country and are available to help you find products and resources in your area. Questions? Pros can connect with a sales rep to get in touch below.

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