There’s nothing more important than your reputation. That means doing a quality job on time and on budget. FlowGuard Gold is a cost-effective system that’s backed by more than 50 years of success in residential construction throughout the U.S.

Long-Term Performance

Over the last half century of successful FlowGuard Gold CPVC installations, several competitive materials have come and gone, but nothing else has provided the flexibility and durability of FlowGuard Gold. No other product is proven to resist corrosion, biofilm build-up and condensation at an affordable installed cost.

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Diverse Applications

Plumbing materials usage varies throughout the country and with different construction types. Because it is a rigid plastic, CPVC is effective and easy to install across multiple home types, from slab to basement construction and everywhere in between.

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Worry-Free Installation

The secret to CPVC’s success in residential building is the solvent-weld connection method. Joints are typically the weakest part of a plumbing system, but solvent-weld physically bonds piping to fittings, effectively turning the distribution system into one continuous pipe with no weak points.

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Expert Installers

The modern home is more complex than ever. Even with hundreds of variables, we make plumbing distribution systems a no-brainer. Our network of certified installers and training for all plumbing contractors means you get peace-of-mind behind the walls.

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Competitive Installed Cost

The true cost of any plumbing install goes far beyond materials. When you consider labor, tools and the administrative cost of collecting rebates, FlowGuard Gold is one of the most competitively priced options on the market.

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Unparalleled Support

Committed to providing high-performance, dependable solutions, Lubrizol extends its service offerings to a wide array of professionals around the globe. Lubrizol has one of the industry’s largest, most experienced networks of technical specialists, providing the necessary support and product education to help construction partners choose the best system to fit their needs.

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FlowGuard Gold is sold at distributors throughout the U.S.  Field sales reps are stationed regionally throughout the country and are available to help you find products and resources in your area. Questions? Pros can connect with a sales rep to get in touch below.

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